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Families and Positive Behavior Support

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Family-Specific Information from Past Workshops and Presentations

2012 Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City Annual Conference
Challenged by Behavior? Key Features of Effective Behavior Support
Family PBS Workbook 2.0
Kansas and Missouri Resources (coming soon)
Spanish Version of Presentation (coming soon)
Spanish Version of Family PBS Workbook (coming soon)

PBS Extravaganza! – Matt Enyart, Katie Hargrove and Kelcey Schmitz
Parent Workbook
Presentation Slides

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PBS Kansas Resources and Tools for Families

Alaska's Stone Soup Group
Stone Soup Group is a statewide collaboration located in Anchorage, Alaska, aimed at improving services for families who have children with developmental disabilities

Families and Positive Behavior Support
Part of the MTSS for Behavior website, these pages contain information for families wanting to learn more about positive behavior support. Content includes resources on program wide PBS, as well as what PBS looks like in schools and alternative settings.

Families Together of Kansas
Families Together is a statewide non-profit organization serving families in Kansas which include a son or daughter with a disability for more than 25 years.

How to Find a PBS Facilitator
This document provides helpful hints on how to find someone to facilitate PBS planning.

Kansas Parent Information Resource Center
The Kansas Parent Resource Center, federally funded under Title V of No Child Left Behind, is the official Parent Information Technical Assistance Center for the state of Kansas. We are one of a national network of 60 PIRCs. The KPIRC works hand-in-hand with the KSDE State and Federal Programs office in providing you information and resources on early childhood through high school.

Neosho County Agency Resource Team (NCART) Blog
NCART is a volunteer-driven community service group whose aim is to provide a vehicle for collaboration for those working with children and families to access appropriate resources to meet their needs and the needs of the community.

Nicholas Krishnan's Website
This website has been developed to help Nicholas' teachers and friends learn more about him and how best to approach him (with fun!) during social interactions. Nicholas was diagnosed with autism at 18 months, but he has become a skier, golfer, gymnast, swimmer, horseback rider, soccer player, baseball player, basketball player, bowler, singer, guitar player, percussionist and an activist for the rights of 6.5 million students with disabilities in America.

Positive Behavior Supports: A Guide for Parents
In this booklet, you will read about how and why PBS works and what you should know if your school is implementing this approach. We have included information about parent involvement in PBS and ways in which families and schools can work together on behalf of individual children and the school community as a whole.

Tips for parents: How to get behavior supports into the IEP.
This guide, a collaboration between the Beach Center on Disabilities and the Center for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, contains a wealth of suggestions for parents.

Vanderbilt University
This website is for the Center on Social and Emotional Foundations of Early Learning (CSEFEL) at Vanderbilt University.  The focus of the clips is on young children with challenging behaviors and their families.  On the CSEFEL home page, click on the picture of Training Modules (click on View rather than the PDF icon).  Once on the modules page, scan down and look for Module 3a.  There is a subheading for video clips.  Open up the videos for Brendan's Family--Before PBS (clips #3 and #4--the former is 1:26 and the latter is 2:44) and also the clip for Brendan's Family with PBS (clip #6).  This clip is 2:23 and is a solid example of a great PBS testimonial from parents.

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Families and Functional Behavioral Assessment

Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice: Briefs for Families on Evidence Based Practices

Family Involvement in Functional Assessment

Parent's Guide to Functional Assessment

Tips for parents: How to get behavior supports into the IEP.

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Information about Positive Behavior Support with Children

Association for Positive Behavior Support Family Page

Kansas Institute for Positive Behavior Support Family Newsletter, Volume 1

Kansas Institute for Positive Behavior Support Family Newsletter, Volume 2

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Families and Schoolwide PBS

Colorado Department of Education
Parent/School Partnership Resource Site

Florida’s Family Resource Pages

How can families get involved in schoolwide PBS?
Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports - Families and PBS

Kansas Parent Information Resource Center: “A Family Guide to Schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports (SWPBS)”

Pacer Center Introduction to School-wide Positive Behavior Support

Pacer Center Training Modules

Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Families and School-wide Positive Behavior Support

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School-wide Positive Behavior Support – Strategies for Involving Families

A Dozen Activities to Promote Parent Involvement!

Epstein's Six Types of Parent Involvement

Family Engagement Checklist - Maryland

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