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Supporting Adults with Disabilities in Residential and Supported Employment Settings

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PBS and Employment

Kansas EmployAbility
The business resource for disability and employment from the Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns.

PBS in Residential and Supported Employment Settings
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Organization-wide Planning Tools

PBS Kansas Organization-wide Planning Checklist
This tool contains a list of the important features of a PBS plan for organizations interested in preventing problem behavior.

PBS Kansas Self Assessment Agency-wide Benchmarks of Quality
This tool contains a list of the important features of a PBS plan for an individual.

Power Point Presentation for Planning Teams
Steps 1 & 2 of Organization-wide Planning
Step 3 Self Assessment and Action Plan

Technology Self Assessment
This tool assists organizations interested in using KIPBS modules.

Assessment of Staff Development Needs
This tool assists planning teams to think about what training is in place and what is needed to embed PBS in inservice and preservice curriculum.

Annual Plan
This is an example of an annual plan created by an organization.

3 Year Action Plan
The 3 year plan in this section describes how the planning team can create a vision for implementing PBS over time.

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Four Day Adult Service PBS Awareness Level Training Materials

Shonda Anderson
Katie Zerr
Peter Griggs
Rachel Freeman

Purpose: This four day training system was created to introduce functional behavioral assessment and positive behavior support to leaders within adult service settings. Instead of creating a standard workshop on PBS, the authors identified individuals across different organizations who would represent their organization and who met four times over a period of 8 number of weeks. Each of the four workshop days were full day trainings. Homework activities were included in the training so that each leader was expected to bring information back to their planning teams and faculty and then report back at the next workshop day. The activities were practiced in during the training day and included an answer sheet that individuals could use while working with their faculty. This training is intended to be an awareness level training. The goal of the 4 day workshop was to assist organizations in starting a long-term plan for implementing PBS. The training materials below should be used by individuals with a background in applied behavior analysis or positive behavior support. The training will not be as useful without a person who is familiar with organization-wide planning, functional behavioral assessment, and positive behavior support facilitation.

Click here for the Day 1 Presentation
Click here for the Day 2 Presentation
Click here for the Day 3 Presentation
Click here for the Day 4 Presentation

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Research and Readings Related to Disability

Adults with Disabilities Research and Readings

Children with Disabilities Research and Readings

Research Summary

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